Your ID cards identify YOU as M or F.

What if they were WRONG and IMPOSSIBLE to fix?

This is reality for tens of thousands of Trans people in Canada
...while hundreds of thousands more face a costly, uphill battle that takes YEARS.

Fix Trans ID

Make it FAIR and EQUAL.


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The Problem

In Canada, all photo ID—health card, passport, driver's license—show a gender which is based on the sex designation from the birth certificate.

Trans people with wrong-gender ID face danger & humiliation

In most provinces, they need to change their birth certificates, which many can't do.

In Ontario between Oct. 5, 2012, and May 24, 2013, 117 of 213 applications were rejected.

Where photo ID can change without the birth certificate, the process varies, but there are always costs and unfair rules.

Provinces control birth certificates

Some require “transsexual surgery,” which most can't get or don't need.

Others require a doctor to diagnose Trans identity as a mental disorder (like homosexuality was in the 1960s).

You don't need a doctor to prove your gender, why should Trans people?

The Solution

Province by province, Trans people are using human rights law to challenge the unfair rules. But that takes years.

Trans allies have an opportunity in Ontario right now

Ongoing cooperation between activists and Trans-friendly members of Ontario's parliament has made this possible.

The Honourable David Orazietti, MPP, is the new Minister of Government and Consumer Services.

With his support, we could see positive changes much faster.

He might be willing to help, but first we need to show him this is an important issue to a lot of people.

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